Hi! I'm Alex.

I'm an engineer with a background in maintaining, developing and securing web applications. I have a great deal of experience with Ruby on Rails, and have spent the last year working with Rails codebases doing feature development and security. I've also spent time creating security policies, performing manual code audits and security tests on internal applications. Before I moved to Chicago, I worked down at the firmware level by developing security enhancements for Android platforms, and have even done devops and systems administration for remote mission critical systems.

Today I've been working as a Principle Engineer at Jellyvision. I spend a lot of time working with product engineering teams and senior leadership to improve the architecture of our systems. I also advise teams to maintain the security of their systems by designing and guiding the implementation of the authentication and integration data flows. I’ve worked on moving a monolithic Rails application into an AWS based service-oriented architecture. I’ve also resolved internal application plumbing problems by developing tools to enable engineers to quickly profile their code, upgrading Rails, and identifying/fixing security issues. In my spare time, I'm exploring Elixir along with the Phoenix web framework (this is a Phoenix site!).

When I'm away from computers I've been known to climb rocks, race cars, and read books.

I'm based in Chicago and while I'm not currently looking for a job, Contact me if you'd like to chat!